Successful Skin Care Tips

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I saw this  Instagram post from @skin_smith on skincare tips and I thought I would like to add some of my tips to the list. Great skin doesn’t appear overnight. There are many factors to consider when creating one including (but not limited to): time, money, effectiveness and knowledge. From my journey in perfecting my skin care regimen, these are the top tips:

Know Your Skin– Know what is your skin type and issues will get you a step closer to finding solutions for them. I’ve learned that I have oily/combo skin, I know what products I need to balance my skin: control oil production and moisturize areas of my skin that get dry.

Research– Look up ways how to take care of your skin type and or concern. Learn what products work best for your skin will help to improve your skin instead of worsening it.

Have Patience – Everything takes time. That’s why the phrase, “Patience is a virtue,” exists. Not everything will happen in one second like we all wish things could. Your skin needs time to heal on its own. Constantly changing products can interrupt your skin

Be Consistent– Not only is getting the right products for your skin is important, so it the ability to diligently use the products. I’ve personally struggled to being consistent in using products because I was quick to throw something away if I didn’t see immediate results. Again, this is where patience comes into play. Time and consistency go hand in hand.

Invest Your Money in Good Quality Products – I understand that not everyone can afford luxury skin care products, but you must understand this- not everything cheap is bad, and not everything pricey is good quality. Often times, “cheaper” products found in drugstores or beauty supply stores use ingredients that are harmful for your skin because they cost very little to put them into your products.Researching products that have natural ingredients is a good starting point because you know that natural ingredients are good for your skin and they are things that you skin needs.

Be Aware of a Product’s Effectiveness – You should pay attention to how the products work on your skin because your skin will tell you whether or not your products are working. If you’re using products to help with any skin concern, keep track of how effective they are. If you notice any positive changes, that’s great! Continue using them regularly.If you skin your skin becomes irritated or worsens, discontinue use immediately.

I hope this was helpful. Please like, comment and share your thoughts on what helped you achieve better skin.


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