Top 3 Body Scrubs for Softer, Glowing Skin

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my favorite body scrubs to exfoliate dead skin cells away and reveal softer, glowy, and moisturized skin all over. Body scrubs are used in over to remove rough, skin and help new skin sells to grow. Scrubs help promote circulation and improve skin’s texture over time. Here’s my 3 favorite scrubs listed below:


Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Price: $7.49 at ULTA

I’ve purchased this scrub after hearing YouTuber Cheryl Christine raving about this product. I’ve tried this scrub in the Pomegranate Açai and the Brazilian Nut scents. The pomegranate scent smells nice while the Brazilian nut smells nutty and a bit earthy. These scrubs leave a light scent on you, and you can layer the scents with their matching body butters. This scrubs does a great job scrubbing your skin without feeling abrasive, and overly drying. It leaves your skin feeling soft and glowing after you’ve showered. Occasionally, ULTA offers a buy 1, get 1 50% off when you purchase the scrubs. They currently have three new scents for this year’s Mother’s Day: Moroccan Rose, Marula & Jasmine and Lychee & Plum. Tree Hut products are made in the U.S. and made from natural ingredients



The Body Shop Body Scrubs

Price: $21 .00, The Body Shop

I’ve tried the  Mango, Sweet Lemon, Brazilian Nut, and Coconut scrubs from TBS and they are amazing. The scents are terrific and not overpowering. They leave your skin soft and moisturized. However, the price is a little high for a body scrub. Also, you have to be careful using some of their  oil-based scrubs because they leave a greasy residue in the bathtub floor and you may slip.The creamy scrubs are less messy to deal with, but they don’t moisturize your skin as well as the oil-based scrubs. Other than that, both scrubs types are not abrasive. TBS is environmentally-conscious and does not test on animals.



SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bar Soap

Price: $4.99 at ULTA,

SheaMoisture African Black Soaps have grains in the bar soap to help exfoliate your skin and remove rough patches for smoother skin. I love the scent of this soap compared to other African Black Soap bars, and the scent is not overpowering. I will admit that some grains are huge in the soaps and they may scratch you if you are scrubbing your skin too hard (this goes for all African Black Soaps). After every use, my skin is smoother. This is also great to use for shaving. African Black Soap is very versatile in how to use it and they are many benefits from using it including but not limited to: oily skin, acne, rosacea, discolorations , and makeup removal.I will make a post discussing the benefits of African Black Soap and the different ways of using it. The SheaMoisture brand is cruelty-free.


Please like, comment and share your thoughts on your favorite scrubs! Thank you.


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