Great Uses for African Black Soap

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Hello everyone! I want to share with you what African Black Soap is great for and how you can use it for numerous things. I’ve added African Black Soap into my skin care and beauty regimen because I’ve heard so many great uses for it. I  use it primarily to treat my acne, dark spots and oil-control, and it does a great job controlling oil and cleaning your skin properly. After watching several videos on how people use ABS on YouTube, I was very impressed and decided to incorporate into my regimen. It is very versatile and cost-effective,so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on buying different beauty products.

WHAT IS IT?: African Black Soap is one of the widely used natural products to treat common skin issues such as acne, dark spots, wrinkles, eczema, oily skin, razor bumps, and dry scalp to name a few, according to African Black Soap (also called Black Soap) is made in Western Africa, (Ghana, especially), with ashes from harvest plants and barks (plantains, shea tree bark, cocoa pods) mixed with water and oils (coconut oil, palm oil, etc). ABS is usually either black or dark brown in color (seen in the above picture). To learn more about ABS, check out the links below.


AS A FACIAL CLEANSER: Use a small piece of ABS and lather up in your hands and apply to your face. You can rub the soap directly onto your face, but be cautious because it has pieces of grains that can be too abrasive, especially if your skin is very sensitive. You can dilute the soap into a liquid cleanser to avoid it by cutting up pieces of ABS in a bottle, add water, and let it sit for a day and the next day, you’ll have your liquid ABS cleanser.

REMOVE MAKEUP: ABS is really good for removing all traces of makeup, and it will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturized. I am able to remove all of my makeup with washing my face with ABS twice. It is a cheaper alternative than having to buy makeup remover wipes, cleansers, pads, lotions, etc.

CLEANING MAKEUP BRUSHES: Similar to removing makeup on your face, ABS can remove all types of makeup from your brushes to avoid bacteria build-up.

AS AN EXFOLIATOR: The grains in the soap act as a natural scrub to remove dead skin cells. However, some of the grain are huge and it can scratch your face, so please use with caution. It is also a great all over body exfoliator to remove layers of dead skin and dry patches.

FOR SHAVING: ABS will help loosen the hair follicles and get a closer shave, less razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and leave your skin feeling smoother.

SHAMPOO: ABS is also great for relieving dry scalp, and help with dandruff control. It also helps with removing product build-up from our hair products.

I hope these tips are helpful and can help you save more money. Please check out these videos below to learn more about ABS. Share your tips for using African Black Soap. Thanks!

Video:  YouTuber Jasmine Brown shows how she uses ABS and gives her thoughts on it.





  1. […] Cleanser: I use Cleopatra’s Choice African Black Soap ($3.99) to wash my face. It cleans my face well as it removes all the dirt and oil. The grains on the soap also act as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. ABS has many skin benefits and has many uses. To learn more about it uses, check out my post here. […]

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