Top Drugstore Cleansers for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Hello all! I will be discussing some of the best inexpensive cleansers that actually works to treat stubborn acne and oily skin. I have oily/combo skin and suffers with acne on occasion (whether it’s the time of the month, enduring stress, or indulge in greasy food or sugary drinks). To make matters worse, my face can become overly oily during the warmer seasons. Having used these products in the past had made a significant improvement in my breakouts and and control my sebum. Here are my recommendations to help you combat acne and oily skin:

Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar for Acne-Prone Skin


Price: $3.19 at Walgreens

This clear, orange bar does a great job removing all the dirt and oil off my face. I love that the product rinses off my face immediately because some products take a while to rinse off, which can be really inconvenient during busy mornings. It is also really inexpensive and does my skin after a week’s use. However, this soap has a high rinseablity, which means you need to store it in a soap dish to keep it dry. That also means that would need to repurchase this more often than other liquid cleansers and hard soap bars.


Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Foaming Cleanser


Price: $5.49 at (can be found at Amazon but at various prices)

I came across this cleanser when my breakouts were truly bad to the point it was unbearable (thanks a lot hormones and puberty). I brought this after reading great reviews on it and decided to try it out. After the  first use, my skin felt clean instantly. The product instantly penetrated my skin and into my pimples to kill the bacteria in them and clear them up. After continuous use, my acne had cleared up really well. The cleanser is a light purple gel consistency and it lathers up well when applying the cleanser to your face. Only thing is that can’t be purchased in drugstores, it is sold online at You can order it online or through an Avon Representative. If you’re not an Avon customer, you can find it on Amazon, but be aware of the different prices.


Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser



Price: $8.99 for 8 oz; $11.99 for 16 oz at Walgreens

I started using this cleanser last summer after my Physician’s Assistant has recommended it to help with my acne. I was skeptical to try it because it doesn’t contain any active ingredient to treat my pimples to the core. The cleanser has a clear gel consistency, and is formulated for normal to oily skin  After using this cleanser several times, I liked the light, pleasant scent, and it does remove dirt and oil on my face well. It is also helpful in removing some of my makeup and great to use to clean your makeup brushes. Over time, it did decreased my oil production and kept my face clean, fresh and moisturized.

Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Face Scrub


Price: $6.79 at Walgreens

This scrub is a white cream consistency with very tiny blue beads in it. This is the best scrub to use if you do suffer with blackheads along whit acne and/ or oily skin. I had a brief period where my blackheads were prominent and annoying. I used this scrub and it did a wonderful job shrinking blackheads, removing dirt off my face,  exfoliating, and kept my skin feeling fresh. I do advise to not scrub your face too hard with this scrub because the beads may irritate and scratch your face, so please use with caution.

Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash


Price: $7.49 at Walgreens

This is practically the same as the Transparent Bar listed in the beginning, except that it’s in a orange, gel consistency. A little goes a long way when using this because them ore you use, the harder it is to rinse off (I’ve experienced this several times). After using this cleanser, my skin felt clean and it did clear up my acne within two weeks. However, I’ve noticed it is most effective during the colder months because when I was using this during the summer, it did not help with my acne as much as it did during the winter months. The transparent facial bar works all year around regardless of weather changes.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap (or any brand of ABS)


Price: $6.99 at Duane Reade

I’ve heard many great uses for African Black Soap. In particular, I’ve heard many great reviews on the SheaMoisture African Black Soap on YouTube.’I’ve tried for my face. It is a huge black bar soap with multiple-sized grains in it for exfoliating. While the soap did a wonderful job removing dirt, oil, and makeup off my face, applying the bar directly to my face was horrible because the bar was really big, and it had huge grains that ended scratching up my face. rather than exfoliating it. I also found difficulty cutting this bar into smaller pieces. Therefore, I ended up using this for my body instead, and it worked wonders in making my skin soft and removing rough patches and dead skin cells. After that, I’ve used the SheaMoisture ABS Body Wash for my face, and that was a better alternative, more convenient that it was in a liquid form, and contained much much smaller beads for gentle exfoliating. I’ll admit I didn’t notice a difference in my skin terms of treating acne, but like the Cetaphil cleanser, it is great at removing impurities and controlling oil. Overall, it does help control my oil production. There are other African Black Soap brands sold in the drugstores that can also get the job done in terms of cleaning your skin like the Nubian African Black Soap below:


I’ve never tried this one, but let me know how it works if you had used it before.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope I’ve helped you in any way. Please share with me your thoughts and experiences with these cleansers in the comments below!



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