100+ Followers!

Happy Tuesday everybody! 🙂

I want to thank you all for giving 911 SKINCARE 102 followers! I am grateful for your support of this blog over the past month and a half. I definitely want to continue giving great content for you to read and enjoy.

Special thanks to:

  1. MISS VITAMIN PINK (http://www.msvitaminpink.com/) for the first like of this blog!
  2. Amy (HerQuarters) for the first follow!
  3. The Garsow Twins (http://twinspiration.co/) for posting the first comment on my blog!
  4. Dani Rose (@dannirosner ) for being the first Twitter follower!
  5. Professor Alicia Evans and friends for encouraging me to start and continue this blog!

Thank you to everyone who’ve liked  and enjoyed reading my posts. Share this blog with your friends! Tweet @911SKINCARE what you want me to take about in future blog posts. It can be ANYTHING!

Let’s get 911 SKINCARE grow bigger and better. Thank you again and take care!




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