My Skin Care Journey

Hello everybody! Today I will be sharing my long (and continuing) journey to improving my skin! I want to share my story because I want to encourage people to take care their skin at an early start. I hope you can relate and I hope to encourage you to take proper care of your skin.

My first breakout was a week before my fourth grade Picture Day (I was either 9 or 10 years old). I woke up to these random pimples on my face and I freaked out, and wondered what was happening to me. I kept looking at my reflection in the mirror hoping for the pimples to banish before Picture Day. Days went by, and I did not see a change in my appearance, so I took matters into my own hands in popping each individual pimple. BIG MISTAKE! The day prior to Picture Day, my face was looking like a Chips Ahoy cookie, where I had many dark spots on my face.

When Picture Day had arrived, I dreaded going to school and taking pictures because my face looked hideous. My classmates stared at my face and make fun of it because it was terribly scarred while I was passing by them. Sitting in my seat anxiously wanting to leave the room to not take pictures. By the time I chose to get up and leave, the photographer called my name, and said, “Come take your picture,” my heart sank. I sat on the stool with a very miserable look on my face. The photographer and my teacher tried several times to make me smile, but I wanted to cry instead because I knew my face was not picture perfect. I finally cracked a smile just to get it over with and tried to run out of the room as fast as possible without anyone seeing the tears rolling down my face.

A month later, I’ve received the pictures, and I was definitely not pleased with my appearance. Keep in mind that this was before PhotoShop and touch-ups technology can enhance images. After seeing my face, I felt ugly and my self-esteem sunk (among with being bullied from then to all throughout middle school). from that moment, I took the initiative to do something about my face to cure my acne and get rid of my dark spots. I’ve done endless research about what products to use to solve my skin problems. So I decided to experiment what products would work for me. After several months, I had no luck.

Fast forward to middle school, my acne worsen (thanks to puberty and eating plenty of greasy and sugary foods), which led to more pimples and dark spots on my face. My face became more oily and I had no clue why I was breaking out. I’ve tried again to using different drugstore products to clear my skin: Neutrogena, Oxy, Clean and Clear, Queen Helene, and Palmer’s, to name a few, and nothing was working. I even tried skin lightening creams to lighten up my dark spots like Ambi and TopiClear. I did not realize how harmful those creams are, so I stopped using them fearing that my face and body would not have the same skin tone.

After my second failed attempt to clear my skin, I felt beyond hopeless, and thought I would never have clear skin. My self-esteem and confidence was at a all time low. This affected how I interacted with my peers in which I became more reserved and almost anti-social because I thought I was ugly. I buried myself in schoolwork and family responsibilities to take my mind off my insecurities. But every time I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of Picture Day, and my classmates teasing me. No matter how hard I tried to avoid my skin problems, I coud not escape it.

My third attempt happened in eleventh grade; however, I had a different approach. Instead of just buying and wasting money on random products, I decided to let my skin heal on its own. I’ve researched ways to improve my skin through diet and exercise, and using natural remedies for random breakouts. I cut off sugary and greasy foods, and started eating healthier. I drank more water and ate more fruits. I walk regularly as my form of exercise, as well as light cardio to increase blood circulation. With these small changes, I noticed an improvement in my skin where I had less breakouts. I was excited at my progress that my confidence had boosted tremendously. I also invested in a proper skin care routine by choosing the right products for my skin. It took a while to get the right skin care routine for me because I was using so many products at once, that I wasn’t sure what was or wasn’t working. I also started paying attention to the products I put on my face by looking at the ingredients to see the ones that are harmful. That was very helpful because knowledge is power, and knowing information can save you time and money.

Sometimes I would be drowning in homework and responsibilities that I forget to drink water and end up eating junk food, and my acne flares up. No one’s perfect. But I made myself become more consistent with eating right and exercising. Patience is key. Not everything will happen overnight. Taking small steps can help you get closer to achieving your goal. There were times I wanted to quit, but I kept reminding myself to be consistent and sticking to my skin care routine to achieve better skin. Hard work truly pays off. When you feel like quitting, remind yourself to keep going. I still get pimples from time to time, but I remind myself to be consistent in my routine and living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re struggling with skin problems, remember that you are not alone. You can achieve better skin if you pick the right products, and take care of your skin. Don’t ever think there isn’t hope. Do your research, do trial and error, be consistent and be patient. For more successful skin care tips, please click here.

Thank you for reading. I hope my story inspired you to take care of your skin. An early start can prevent future problems. Please feel free to share your skin care journey in the comments! See you at the next post!


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