Natural Home Remedies You Should Avoid

Hey everyone! Welcome back to 911 SKINCARE! Hope all is well 🙂 Today I am going to talk about the natural home remedies that are rather harmful than solving your skin problems.

There are plenty of popular home remedies and DIYs to provide fast and effective solutions to skin problems: from acne to eczema, and from dry skin to oily skin.There are so many of these out there that you don’t know if they actually work or they cause more harm than good. I am here to share some of the common skincare hacks that you should avoid and the alternative options for them.

Using Lemon Juice as a Toner of Spot Treatment to Brighten Skin and Lighten Discolorations.

Why is it bad? While lemon juice is a citric acid with Vitamin C, the key ingredient to brighten skin and fade skin discolorations, it is harmful to put on the face alone because it will increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, which can contribute to sunburn and skin damage.Instead: Use Vitamin C serum to enhance skin’s radiance and help improve dark spots. Apply warm honey onto your face as a mask weekly can also improve skin’s clarity and tone. For other ways to fade dark spots, please click here.

Using Toothpaste as an Acne Spot Treatment

Why is it Bad? The fluoride ingredient in the toothpaste can cause further irritation to your face, and can cause further breakouts. Instead: Apply ice on the spot the reduce swelling. Apply warm honey onto your face and let it set for 10-15 minutes to kill off the bacteria in your pimples. After rinsing off, your skin will fell much smoother, softer, and glowing. Honey is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredient to tackle multiple skin issues like acne, discolorations, and dull skin.

Using Milk of Magnesia as Oil-Control Makeup Primer

Why is it Bad? Milk of Magnesia is used for relieving constipation, and it is meant for oral consumption, not to be put on your face. Applying milk of magnesia will instead clog your pores, and cause future breakouts. Instead: Find primers that are oil-free, and are mattifying. For skin care, use charcoal-based products to help remove impurities, dirt and oil. African Black Soap is really good for removing dirt off your face. It is also a multi-purpose product to incorporate into your skin care routine. To learn more about it’s uses, please click here. Also, use masks weekly to reduce oil production. The Sephora Purifying & Mattifying Mud Mask is a really good one for mattifying skin. For more information on that mask, please click here.

Mixing Raw Garlic with Lotion to Remove Skin Scarring

Why Is It Bad? I remember trying this method to remove my awful dark spots on my face because I was very desperate to get rid of them by all means. I mixed a chopped clove of garlic with a teaspoon of Queen Helene Vitamin E lotion, and left on my skin for 15 minutes. Throughout the time, I felt my skin burning from the raw garlic sitting on my face. After I removed the garlic off my face, it left a burn on my face that ended up healing into a scab. This method basically worsen my dark spots and it left several scabs all over my face. This was definitely a lesson learn for me. Please don’t ever do try this! Instead: Use products that contain ingredients like Vitamin C , citrus extracts, licorice extract, and kojic acid to lighten any skin discolorations. The Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation is a great lightweight moisturizer that helped improve my skin discolorations over time. Please check out my review on the moisturizer here.

These are  the home remedies you should avoid, and I have provided alternative ways to solve your skin problems. Please share some of your successful and not so successful home remedies to your skin problems in the comments!

Thank you for reading. See you all next time!






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