Top 5 Ingredients That Cause Breakouts

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I want to give you information about the ingredients  found in everyday beauty products that can cause breakouts.

Many beauty products (drugstore and high-end) contain ingredients that do more harm than good. Synthetic ingredients, harsh dyes, fragrances, parabens, GMOS, mineral oil, talc, triclosan are among additives to either preserve the product’s shelf life and/or are cost-effective ingredients for manufacturing.

Here are several ingredients found in many face products, from cleansers to sunscreen and from foundations to powders that can cause irritation and breakouts:

  1. Sodium laureth sulfate (found in cleansers that leave a film on your face)
  2. Bismuth oxychloride (found in makeup that contains shimmer that causes irritation)
  3. Octinoxate ( a synthetic ingredient found in sunscreens and makeup products that contain SPF )
  4. Lanolin (found in lotions and moisturizers to condition the skin, and it is found to be comedogenic)
  5. Ethylhexyl palmitate (found in skin conditioning products, and the ingredient is comedogenic)

I encourage you all to do your research about ingredients that do more harm than good to your skin. At the end, your skin will thank you later.


For more information about these harmful ingredients, please check out these links below:

Makeup Ingredients That Are Breaking You Out


Thanks for reading! See you all in the next post 🙂


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