Makeup Haul Featuring Elf Cosmetics, NYX & Coloured Raine

Hello everyone! 

Today I want to show you my latest beauty haul for this month. 

I decided to explore Elf Cosmetics because they have great afforable products, and many people rave about this brand. Here are the items I’ve purchased:

  • Elf lip Exfoliant in Sweet Cherry flavor ($3)
  • Elf HD Mattifying Balm ($6)
  • Elf Mattifying Blotting Sheets ($5)
  • Elf Stipple Brush ($3)

The lip exfoliator gently removes flaky skin form lips and conditions the lips to make them soft and smooth. I apply this onto my lips to remove dead skin and leave the product on my like to condition my lips. It has a light sweet cherry scent that I like.

The HD Mattifying Balm comes in a black compact with a mirror and sponge. It is travel-friendly, and the balm is looks white in the compact, but it applies clear to the skin. It feels light and smooth. It is designed to control oil and shine for hours. I think I would make more use of this in the colder months with the my son is more dry than oily, as it does have ingredients to help keep the skin moisturized. 

The Mattfying Blotting Sheets were the first thing I added to my cart after reading the description. I wanted to try some blotting sheets to remove oil from my face instead of using rough paper or using my hands to wipe the oil offy face. This item contains a mirror, with a sponge applicator with an adhesive, and 25 blotting sheets. The blotting sheets have transculemt powder to help control oil and shine while not disturbing your makeup.

To use: remove the film behind the sponge, press the sponge gently against the blotting sheet, dab sponge onto oily areas or all over your face, and discard the sheet. When I tried this sheets, I saw the transculent powder blend nicely onto my skin and it didn’t make me look ashy in person and in pictures. This is a lovely item for touchups.

The Elf Stipple Brush was actually a mistake, I meant to pickup the smaller stipple brush for applying highlighter and/or blending undreye concealer, but I accidently picked this item instead.The bristles on this brush are very soft, and the duo fiber is good to decrease bacteria buildup and from spreading. This duo fiber brush is by far the cheapest, and great quality brush I know compared to other popular duo fiber brushes. It is also a great brush to use for different products, either wet or dry. I plan to use this brush to apply liquid and powder foindation, and highlighter.

I brought a NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow ($3, but currently on sale for $2 on in the shade Walnut, a lovely dark, copper-like brown color. It is in a small tube, and spills out loose pigment wjen you open the package. The color looks very close to my skintone, that it would make a great neutral base color on my eyelids when blending it out. I thought it would be more pigmented and have more shimmer, but it is more subdued. 

Lastly, I brought two liquid lipsticks from Colored Raine. Coloured Raine is a black-owned makeup brand that gained popularity from its Instagram page. I first leanred about the brand from watching several YouTube reviews on their liquid lipsticks. The makeup brand is made for women of color, but I’ve seen non women of color review this brand and had wonderful reviews on it. 

I decided to buy two liquid lipsticks in the shades, Tootsie (a deep brownish red color) and Roulette (a deep plum color). 

Swatches: Tootsie (on the left) and Roulette (on the right)

Each lipstick cost $17, and they are vegan and cruetly-free. They apply on like a paint and dries on to your lips in seconds. For best application, make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized, because the lipstick will emphasize the lip lines and cracks on your lips. I love how opaque and pigmented the product is. However, it does emphasize your lip lines if you have really deep lip limes. It is also a bit drying, but it isn’t an uncomfortable drying feeling. They are kiss-proof and they stay put on your lip for a long time. You can use an oil-based product to remove the lipstick. 

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know in the comments if you have tried these products and your thoughts on these products and/or brands! 

Thank you and see you all in the next post! 😆


Elf Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

Coloured Raine


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