July Favorites: Summer TV Shows

Hello everyone! Summer is going by so quick as we are already in August! Today, I want to share my July Favorites in terms of summer TV shows.

The Preachers

This show is like no other daytime show, with four male preachers as hosts, talking about pop culture, news stories, and sharing some spiritual words of hope to viewers and the audience. This was only a 3-week run show, airing at noon on channel FOX. I hope this show does return because it is the first ever preacher daytime show ever aired on daytime television. In addition, the show is very inspiring with words of wisdom to everyone to live their lives happily. The funny, wise, and outspoken hosts were pastors John Gray, Orrick Quick, Dr. Jamal Bryant and Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

I especially enjoyed watching the 90 Seconds of Hope segment, where one of the hosts shares an anecdote and preach about the life lessons to get out of the anecdote. For example, my favorite anecdote was the one given by Jamal sharing a story about going to Saks Fifth Avenue to get a Gucci watch. While he saw that every other watch is on sale, he asked a sales associate why the Gucci watch wasn’t on sale. The sales associate replied, “Gucci is never on sale because it believes in its value.” A simple thing like buying an expensive watch, goes to show that if you know your value and your worth, don’t let anyone else try to lower it. This segment gives you life lessons to follow regardless of whatever situation you are in.

Here’s a clip of Dr. Jamal Bryant’s 90 Seconds of Hope:


The Wendy Williams Show

The Wendy Williams Show is an hour show talking about hot-topics on celebrities, latest fashion and beauty trends, and the studio audience asks Wendy for advice.

This month, Wendy extended her season to end on July, which was awesome. Her show is entertaining as she says it like she means it. She did get attacked for her comments on Historically Black Colleges in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests and killings of black people this past month. I get that she was just playing Devil’s Advocate, but racism is at its highest peak as more and more violence are committed whether it is on cops, or on minorities, or anyone. Also, keep on mind that blacks did not have the right to an education. Therefore,.historically black colleges were created so that  blacks were able to get an education just like a privileged white person can.

Despite that controversy, I enjoyed the show for the hot topics and the Ask Wendy segment, where the studio audience asks Wendy for advice on any situation in their lives. The shows airs on FOX at 10 A. M., then 4 P. M. on My 9, and at 12A. M. on BET, all airings are Eastern Time.

Here’s a clip of Williams sharing her thoughts: https://youtu.be/e1cIqALdm4E

Celebrity Family Feud

I love Family Feud for its interesting survey questions, and of course, Steve Harvey making people laugh. Celebrity Family Feud is cool to see celebrity families or teams go head to head. Not only is it funny, but the trivial game is good to get you thinking and participating by yelling out answers at your TV. This game is part of the Summer Fun and Games series, airing Sundays on ABC at 8 PM/ ET.


$100,000 Pyramid

Another trivial game is revamped with former NFL player, Michael Strahan, hosting the game show. The game consists of two pairs going head to head, giving clues to items in a category. The pair with the most points moves on to the winner’s circle to win $100,000 by guessing more challenging categories. This is a lot like verbal charades, which is great for those who love playing charades or tribal games in general! This game is part of the Summer Fun and Games series, airing Sundays on ABC at 9 P.M. / ET.


Match Game

Another revamped show, hosted by actor Alec Baldwin, where two contestants compete to get the most matches with the celebrities guests. This show intrigued me because it is a game about the chances of getting the same answer as someone else. The questions are definitely not like your standard survey questions. These questions are hilariously provocative. This show is also a part of the Summer Fun and Games series, airing on ABC at 10 P.M./ ET.


These were my July favorites! If you had watched any shows  this summer, tell me what wee tour favorite shows in the comments! See you all in the next post!


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