Sephora Green Tea Mattifying & Anti-Blemish Facial Wipes Review

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

I am reviewing the new Sephora Green Tea Mattfying & Anti-Blemish Facial Wipes.

Price: $7.50 for 25 towelettes at Sehpora

What is Supposed to Do?: These facial wipes are dual-side, the smokth, cleansing side is to remove dirt, oil and makeup while the exfoliating side is meant to refien pores and remove dead skin.

Main Ingredient: Green Tea is included to help mattify skin, and remove oil, making if ideal for acne-prone and blemish skin.

First Impressions: I used smooth side to remove all makeup and it does remove majority of makeup. Afterwards, I used the exfoliate my skin to remcoe any remaining traces of makeup and dirt, and it does that well. The exfoliating side contain micro spheres to help mattify your skin. Afterwards, my face looks matte without feeling dry, and my skin feels super smooth and soft.


  • Dual sided wipes for removing dirt and makeup while exfoliating side removes dead skin cells
  • Packaging is travel-friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Comes in other scents: Coconut (Relaxing and Soothing), Charcoal (Purifying and detoxifying), Yuzu (Revitalizibg and Toning), and  pomegranate (Ultra Moisturizing and Brightening)
  • Scent is not overpowering and does not linger
  • Leaves your skin soft and matte without feeling dry or harsh
  • Not harsh in the eye area
  • Controls oil for 3-5 hours


  • The scent is OK in which it does not smell bad, but it is not the most pleasant scent either
  • The micorspheres stay on the face ehn using the exfoliating side, making it a little hard to remove
  • With most makeup wipes, it takes about 2-3 wipes to completely remove makeup off your face
  • Unsure of its effect on pore size, but I will let you know if the wipes do make a difference in pore size.

Overall, these wipes are wonderful and multi purposeful. I do recommend trying these wipes out!

Let me know your thoughts on the new Sephora Facial Wipes! Also share your favorite facial wipes.

Thank you reading, and hope you have a lovely weekend! See you in the next post! ☺


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  1. […] I needed to stock up on facial wipes for days that I need to remove my makeup, or clean my face whenever I don’t have the time to wash my face. These wipes have one side that is smooth to remove dirt, oil, and makeup; and an exfoliating side to remove dead skin cells. These wipes leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. To read my full thoughts on this product, please click here. […]

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