How Much Product You Should Be Using?

Hello everybody, and gappy Friday! I hope your week was a great one!

It’s been a minute since my last posting, but I will be sharing with otu the proper amount of skin care products to use. Proper usage is important so that your products can actually work for you, not against. Also, it is crucial so you won’t be wasting product if you’re using too much, or not seeing results if you’re using too little.

This image below shows the ideal size of products to use. This image can found from Bioelements’s website.

For cleansers, use a dime to a nickel-sized amount on your face to avoid overdrying, or difficulty rinsing off the residue.

Serums should be used at a pea to a dime-sized amount because serums are made to treat specific areas on the face.

Eye creams needs only a pea-sized amount because the eyes are a small part of your entire face. Also, most eyecreams are heavy so you don’t want your eyes to feel heavy products on it.

Moisturizers can use from a nickel to a quarter-sized.amount to maintain all over skin moisture throughout the day.

Sunscreens need a quarter sized making to provide enough protection on your face from the harsh sun rays.

Exfoliants and scrubs need a quarter-sized amount all over the face to avoid over scrubbing. Over scrubbing will cause dryness, and potentially small cuts and scrapes. Exfoliatants are designed to remove dead cells to help new cells grow.

Masks can use a nickel to a quarter-sized amount to avoid dryness and further irritations.

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a great weekend.

For other product mwasurement, check out this link:

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