How To Shrink Pores

Hello everyone! I want to share some ways to reduce pore sizes.

Pores are holes on your face that absorbs products that you put on your face. Pores get enlarged for when they are clogged with oil and bacteria that causes acne breakouts. Also, excessive sun exposure weakens skin walls that weakens skin’s elasticity and make pores more visible.

Here are some ways to reduce pore size:

  1. EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells off the face to promote new cell growth to improve skin’s overall appearance and texture. Use an exfoliate with AHA/BHA  and glycolic acids will help to reduce the size and appearance of pores.
  2. USE TONER: Toners help to remove any remaining dirt and oil that is left behind by your cleanser that can clog your pores. They will remove the remaining dirt off your face and instantly tighten your pores to make them appear less noticeable.Witch Hazel is a great toner to help with pore size because it is an anti-inflammatory  and antibacterial to treat the skin well.
  3. USE A MASK: Masks help to detoxify the skin by deep cleaning the pores to remove impurities. Masks that have the ingredients: charcoal and mint help to draw dirt out and tighten pores. Honey is another helpful ingredient that is multi-purposeful to help pores, acne, oily skin and skin discolorations.
  4. USE SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen helps protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays that will damage the skin and cause signs of aging and cancer.

These are some helpful tips. Please check out these links below to discover other ways of shrinking pore size. See you on the next post!


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