Philosophy Help Me! Product Review

Hello everybody. Happy Tuesday!

I am reviewing the Philosophy Help Me! Retinol Night Treatment Cream.

Price: $49 at Sephora

This product is meant to help reduce pore size, fade dark spots and skin discolorations, and improve fine lines and wrinkles over time. Its had time-releasing retinol to help signs of aging. Just make sure to use a little bit of product as it may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

I have been using this every night beofre bed, and it does improve your overall skin appearance. I noticed my dark spots fading after the first 2 weeks of use. My pores are notoceably smaller after one month’s use. It has been 2 months since using the product and it is a miracle worker!

I try not to use a lot of products at once because you’ll lose track of what to use, and you don’t know which products are working or not working for your skin. This product is helpful to combat multiple skin issues at once as opposed to buying many products to tackle one skin problem.

Overall, I recommend this to those who want to reduce pore size and fade dark spots. It is well worth the money. The tube will last you a few months because a little bit of cream goes a long way.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you on my next post!



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