Trends We Need to Ditch in 2017

Hey guys! I hope 2016 treated you well.

This year had many different trends and challenges that were created, and blew up social media. Some were funny and others were just silly and not needed at all.

This compilation of things to ditch started after watching Jackie Aina’s videos on things to ditch, which I found them hilarious, and inspired me to think of things that gotta go in 2017. To watch her video, check it out with this link:

This list is what I thought were trends that were ridiculous, and don’t need to come into the new year.

1. The 100 layers of _____ Challenge

The first time I saw this challenge appear was on YouTube where beauty youtubers were doing 100 layers of foundation, liquid lipsticks, highlighter, etc. Theyre basically just wasting products in the long run, and it was just crazy.

2. Contouring using a concealers 2-3 lighter than your skin tone

I never get the phenomena of using a lighter concealer to give your face some dimensions. I watched many makeup tutorials and no matter how much blending they did, it just doesn’t looked natural at all to me.Personally speaking, I have struggled with discolorations for a long time, and I always wanted to have one clear and unified skin tone than having two or more different tones. I especially don’t like the lighter shade to cover dark circles. It seems like you have it use more of the concealer or cover them than if you used a concealer that is your exact skin tone.

3. Excessive Contouring 

I just don’t understand why give yourself sculpted cheekbones and darken the perimeters of your face to give off a tanned look, when at the end of the day, after removing all our makeup, you’re back to your original face structure?

4. Facebook/ Instagram Live Notifications

Please just stop this IMMEDIATELY. It’s super annoying because I’m thinking that I got a missed call, text or an email, but instead, it’s Facebook telling me that someone is on live now. OK thanks for getting my hopes up. :evil:😒

5. Waste his or her time hashtags and memes

When in the world did we go from “ain’t nobody got time for that” to #wastehisorhertime2016. The pettiness has really blown over this year, and I don’t know why that was. The idea of wasting someone’s time is not cool because at the end of the day, time is something you can’t get back. On top of that, of you’re wasting someone else’s time, aren’t you wasting yours too? Congratulations, you just played yourself.
6. Overused Slang Words

The words bae, slim thick, and lit gotta go. They have been overly used and just annoying. I can’t think of other words at the moment, that’s goes to show you how much I’m over these useless words.

7. Cuffing Season

Dating is all year around, not just it is cold outside and your heater, blankets/comforters, and hot beverages aren’t enough to keep you warm and/or company. People should date because they want to meet new people or want an actual relationship, whether it is platonic or romantic.

8. Stiletto nails

Two words: gotta go! You’re gonna poke someone’s eye with that. And I usually question how clean there hands are when nails are longer than 1 inch.

9. Chokers

They’re cute, don’t get me wring, but we have taken this trend to a new level with these shoelace type chokers. It looks cheap and tacky.

That completes my list of things to let go for the new year. Let me know what are your thoughts on the things I’ve mentioned, or the things you want to be left behind in 2016.



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