Trends We Need to Ditch for 2017 PART 2

Hey everyone! Happy New Year, and I wish you all well for 2027.

I’ve decided t come up with part 2 since my previous post because I came up with more things that need to stay in the past.

1. Netflix & Chill

Every since this trend started, it had the words “bad news” written all over it. This is just another lazy person’s way of not putting in effort to give their person of interest a real date. Now, I get that there is people who don’t like overly drawn out dates, and like to keep things simple. But going go someone’s house to use their netflix account to watch a movie or TV show see pointless to me when I can do that at the comfort of my own home. Not only that, his is an gateway for a hookup too. We Ned to get back to going out more and interacting with people instead of using digital technology to do the hard work for us..Just saying.

2. Saggy Pants

Everybody,  pleeaaasssseeee end this! You look like you don’t know what’s your true pants size and having difficulty walking with your pants hanging that low. What kills me more is when guys do this AND they’re exposing their old, dirty boxers filled with holes. Or that their pants are hanging low with a belt attached to it. The purpose of the belt is to hold your pants up and in place. 😒 i just don’t get it. Just like we don’t want to see girls’ underwear hanging out out their pants, we don’t need to see that from men either.

3. Guys having a blonde stripe in their hair

Come on now, were indecisive about dying your hair or what?  

4. Having high AF expectations for people when you can’t even hold up to them

We all know someone like this. It os frsturatibg and annoying to deal wirh. At the ned of the day, yuo will necer be gappy eoh what you want because not everyobe will love up to your expectations. It’s even more frustratibv that thy want a lot from you, and they cannot return that favor. Please. Just don’t play yourself fam.

5. Side Pieces

I don’t understand how some people can be okay with imteferring with another person’s relationship and start drama? What’s wrong with having only one person for yourself? What satisfaction do you get from knowing your mesing with someone else’s significant other, and not think twice that it may come bite you in the ass later on? I believe in karma, and you do too, you wouldn’t be ding or engaging in this situation. Same thing goes for people who are in relationships seeking other people outside of the relationship. If you have to look for other people to saridgy your needs, that means that it’s time to end your relationship and move on. #donotwastemytime

6. F*ckboys/F*ckgirls

It’s one thing if you’re just looking to hookup, but why is it so hard to be upfront about it? Why pretend to have the same interests as someone to get closer to them in order to make your notes on them?  People appreciate honesty, even if it’s hard to hear. Plus, you all are confused about what you want, and you want to drag smeonw else in your mess hoping that you will figure out what you want. Not cool.

7. Huge False Eyelashes

Why we cannot be satisfied with just a voliminzing mascara? Just why? Yu just want to be extra for your health? I don’t like the super long lashes sitting on top of your eyelids, knowing that it is too heavy for your lids and the glue may be irrating your eyes too  plus, it just does not look no where near natural. Period.

8. Hennessy

Overly hyped liquor that tastes awful.
That’s all folks! Hopefully we can end these things before 2017, or stop doing less of. Please like, comment and share! What are other things that need to be hurried in 2016?

To see Part 1 of this list, check it out here.

Thanks for reading! See you all in the New Year! Happy Holidays!


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