Skin Care Resolutions

Hello Everyone! Happy 2017! 

I hope the start of the new year treated you well.

Every beginning of a new year, we make resolutions that we later give up on or forget about throughout the year.

I wanted to tske better care of my skin, and get in the habit of taking proper care of it with consisitency. 

My Skin Care Resolutions are:

1. Washing my face twice a day

I am guilty of not wishing my face at night because I’m being lazy. From now on,I will make myself wash my face twice daily to improve my overall skin.

2. Using products with natural ingredients

I started using products with natural ingredients because they are beneficial for he skin in the long run versus those harsh ingredients that irritate skin or deliver short-term results. With the exception of acne treatment, everything else will be products containing natural and safe ingredients. With treating acne, I will go back and forth between tea tree oil for mild breakouts and salicylic acid for large pimples or a an awful breakout.

3. Exfoliate my skin

Exfoliating is essential to allow new skin cells to grow and removing dead skin cells. Overtime, the dell turnover will help diminish dark spots and reveal a brighter, smoother and even-toned complexion. 

4. Drink plenty of water

No matter how much good products you use for your face, taking care of your skin from within helps improve your overall skin clarity. Water helps remove toxins in your body and hydrates the body. Dehydration can contribute to dry skin and breakouts. I will start by drinking 3 glasses of water a day to hydrate my body more.

5. Stay consistent with my skin care routine

Along with washing my skin every morning and evening, I want to keep a stable routine without changing products too often. I will stick to products for at least 3 months before changing them out for something else to see its effectiveness on my skin. When constantly changing our products, you don’t know what product ts are working or not working without giving it the time to see results. Not all products work overnight, but you need to give products a chance to see whenever it is doing wonders for your skin or not.

That completes my skin care resoultions. Thank you so much for reading. 

Let me know if any of your resolutions for 2017! Take care!


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