How-to: Remove Stubborn Makeup

Hello everyone!

I want to share my tips of removing all of my makeup at the end of the day. We know that no matter how much we scrub  our faces, they is still traces of makeup that can get trapped in our pores and cause a breakout. These steps will help to remove all forms of makeup, even the waterproof makeup!

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Start Off With a Makeup Removing Product

There are plenty of these products out there: makeup wipes, cleansing balms, oils, milks, micellar water, etc. These products will help to remove at least 50% of the makeup off your face. I personally found micellar water and cleaning balms to remove the most makeup from my face after a long day. They remove all traces of liquid lipsticks, stubborn eye makeup, and heavy-duty foundations. I love the Sephora Collection Triple Action Cleansing Water ($12) and the Clinque Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm ($29). Coconut Oil is another great and cheaper product to remove makeup as well.

Use a Deep Cleanser to Clean Out Your Pores

While your makeup removal products help remove the first layer of makeup, that doesn’t mean you’re good to hop to bed. You still may have hidden makeup in your hairline, jawline, ears, and other hard to reach places. The deep cleanser will melt all the remaining makeup, dirt, oil, and other impurities off to clean your pores. Washing your face is especially important, because the leftover makeup can get trapped into your pores, and can cause a bad breakout, especially if  you have acne or blemish-prone skin. Some of my favorite deep-cleansers include: GlamGlow SuperMud Mud-to-Foam Daily Cleanser ($39), Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser ($30), and African Black Soap.

Use a Deep Face Mask

This is best for days where you had on a lot of makeup, and your face needs that extra TLC to detoxify your pores. Charcoal masks work wonders in removing a lot of junk out of your pores. The Biore One Minute Self-Heating Mask is one the best charcoal masks I’ve used that leaves my skin feeling super clean, smooth and soft afterwards. Check out my review of this product here.

Use a Toner As a Final Step to Remove Any Lingering Traces of Makeup

Your toner not only helps to tighten your pores and balance the pH levels, it also remove any traces of makeup that you may had missed. Witch Hazel is a natural toner to clean and tighten pores.  After putting toner all over your face, go for a second round, paying special attention to the hairline, sideburns, temples, jawlines, ears and neck. If you don’t have a toner, you can go back with micellar water, as it attracts the lingering makeup from those areas like a magnet.

Follow Up with Your Skin Care Routine

You’ve made this far to now continue on with your night skin care routine. Apply your treatments and moisturizer. Moisturizer is especially important after you have spent your time using different products to remove all your stubborn makeup, which can dry out your skin. To restore moisture back onto your face, moisturizing is key!


Final Note: If you used any mascara or eyeliner, make sure you check your eye sockets to remove any remaining ink form your mascara or eyeliner doesn’t linger in your eyes to potentially cause irritation or an infection.Use a cotton swab to do so, or use one drenched with micellar water to do the job.

These are my tips for removing all makeup. I hope these are helpful. Thank you for reading, and see you on the next post!


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