How To Treat Cold Sores

Hello everybody and happy Tuesday!

Cold Sores can easily ruin your day as you see some white clusters on your lips! Don’t panic! There are some ways to treat them. They frequently flare up during cold seasons because of the cold and harsh temperatures causing dry and chapped lips. Another casie of cold sores is the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1) that lives in your body and chases cold sores and fever blisters to appear from time to time. While they is no cure for the virus, don’t panic! There are some ways to treat cold sores and prevent futurre flare ups:

1. Don’t touch the cold sore with dirty fingers!

2. Don’t share items like cups, utensils, and lip products with others while you have a cold sore to prevent spreading the virus to others.

3. Use lip treatments that contain lysine and other moisturizing benefits to treat the cold sore, and relieve dry, chapped lips.

4. Expect the cold sore to take a week to heal. Some may take longer depending on the size of the cold sore. The bigger the sore, the longer it’ll take to fully heal.

5. Don’t pick at the cold sore! Even when it is drying up, don’t touch it to prevent any future scarring.

6. Take Lysine as a daily supplement to treat current and prevent fiturre cold sores.

7 Put ice on the sore to help it heal faster.

8. Once the sore is healed, it’d best to throw out your toothbrush to prevent getting another cold sore.

That is all the helpful tips I have. Thank you so much for easing. See you all on my next post!


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