February Favorites: Birthday Edition

Hello everyone!

February always flies by so fast since it is not only the shortestotnh, bit also my birthday month! 

I will share with you what I like this momth and how I treated myself for my birthday.

Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Exfoliating Peel Gel

I’ve used this gel several times now, and I have noticed a difference on the wauy slon feels. It defimtely improves texture on the face, and leaves your skon smooth amd matte. I have done a first impressions on this product, so if are interested in learning more about it, check outy last post.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand and Body Scrub

I’ve been loving SM products for a while now, bit I have never tried their scrubs yet. I picked up the coconut one because I liked the scent, and i wantes my skin to glow. BOY! This scrub gives you that healthy glow like you’re ready to hit the beach. It is a little hard to scoop out of the jar because it doesn’t haveich oil or liquid to mix the contents together. However, it removes the dead and rough skin, leaving my skin mpistired and glowy. Be aware that it will leave a slight oily residue at the bottom of your tub, bit other than that, I really like using this scrub.


The first time o got my nails dome was on Valentine’s Day while I was getting my hair done. I did it since ors been a while since I did my nails, and the nail lady was nicely persuading me to do them, lol. The mail lady was really nice and friendly, and she did a lovely job with them. This is a lovely blue color, but it much darker in person, but I still love a dark, rich blue like this one. This polish brand is called Etouch.

Then this past Friday, I was originally going to remove them so that I can do laundry and other things without my nails bothering me, bit the nail lady helped toake the shorter and change my nail color. The second time around, I was impressed again and was a happy customer! These pink and gold colors are from OPI, and it is a pretty combo.

That is all for my motnhly faves! Thanks for reading, and see yiu all next time! 😆


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