Shine Skin Detox Face Mask First Impression

Hello everyone and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today I want to give my first impression of a new mask I tried out. The Shine Skin Detox Face Mask is 100% natural, mineral-infused and it is not tested on animals. I bright it off on Amazon for $9.99.

This mask claims to remove impurities, clears pores, absorb excess oils, while keeping your skin soft and clean.

The ingredients include: 100% betonine clay, sea clay and kaolin clay.

These clays are good for removing toxins and dirt to clear up the skin.

The package has green clay powder inside. This is one of those masks that you make your own mask with it.

Directions say to mix equal parts of the clay with apple cider vinegar and/or water. 

I mixed the clay with apple cider vinegar because apple cider vinegar is good for acne-prone skin. After mixing it, the mask looks thick and has a little bit of fizzing be a use of the vinegar. It looks like this afterwards:

After applying the mask to my face, it takes roughly a half hour to fully dry down, but it is because I applied a thick layer on my face. Once it is on my. face, the tingling sensation was no joke! It tingles throughout the whole time the mask was on my face. The tingling level is close to the GlamGlow SuperMud mask, but not overly intense. 

After  risking the mask off, my skin looked clearer, and fresh. My pores looked noticeably smaller and my skin looked slightly radiant.

Overall, this mask is definitely worth trying. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend using both water and ACV to reduce the tingling sensation. Also, the thicker layer you apply, the longer it’ll take to dry. 

That’s it for my first impression. Thank you for reading, and please be safe while drinking. I’ll see you all on the next post.


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  1. […] This mask is actually a powder where you have to mix it with a liquid to make your own mask. I like mixing it with apple coder vinegar because it helps to treat acne and also help with discolorations as well. This is definitely great to use as a spot treatment, as I saw instant results after spot treating with the mask for two to three times a week. The pimples shrink drastivally, and it leaves your skin feeling very clean after using it as an all over the face. I have went to greater details about how the mask works, so feel free to check out my review on it here. […]

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