March Favorites: Beauty Edition

Hello everybody!

I am sharing my favorite products for this past month that I’ve been enjoying. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Lomg-Last Shine Control Daily Scrub

This cleanser does a good job of controlling oil for 5+ hours. The vwads in it are not abrasive, and it leaves your skin smkptj and soft. To read more about it, please check out my review on it here.

SheaMoisture Mattfying Primer

I became hooked on SheaMoosture hair products, that I wanted to try out their beauty products. The mattofyong lrer is one of the newer items I saw on Ulta and I was excited to try it out because the other primer was more for hydrating the skin. I tried the mattifying primer alone, and it kept me matte for 5-6 hours. I was surprised! And I liked that isade with tea tree oil and other natural ingredients to not orrotate my skin.

Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss in “Love Drunk”

I brpught this adter watching Jaclyn Hill raving about it in her favorites video. This lip gloss is my perfect pinky nude on me, and it’s a nice cream formula. The swatch (look at the bottom) looks like a pinky mauve color, but it gives my lips a wash of color and a nice sheen to them. The gloss is a little but thick, but not annoyingly sticky.

SheaMoisture Superfruit Lip Exfoliator

This was another new product that the brand launched, and I always wanted to use a lip exfoliator that actually works to soften chapped lips. This scrub does just that. It is a gentle scrub and it leaves your lips ooth mad soft. Plus, it eels really, really good! Almost like vanilla.

Shine Face Detox Facial Mask

The green masl in the small container is my self-made mask using Shine clay powder and Apple Cider Vinegar  really worked to clean out my pores and treat my pimples. I also use it as a spot treaent, and OMG it shrink the pimple overnight! I was completely amazed by that, and I haven’t used any of my other masks since discovering this one on Amazon. I also reviewed this mask, so you can read more about it here.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment (sample size)

Where do i begin with this?!?! This treatment is incredible! I applied this to my face, and it immediately brightens my skin and make it very smooth. It smells like  the Celestial Lemon Zinger Tea because it has a citrus scent to it. It is a not ocerwjeimg at first, but it fades off after ssome time. After continuous use,o noticed that it lightened ipy dark spots and made me look less tired. I even when oit to sephpra to get more soles of it because it is freaking good, but the price is crazy expensive ($100+). If it was like $30-$60, I would buy it, but Sunday Riley products aren’t cheap! bit based on the results, it did changed my soon a lot, bit the price tag is what’s holding me back from buying it. Otherwise, I’ll xpmtiniw to get more and more samples of this stuff!

MAC Metallic Lipstick in “Act So Cool”

This is described as a “deep brown with gold sparkles”. It does look a lovely brown, and it is a really pretty, wearable color. I like that it is more of a subtle metallic finish where it isn’t too in your face. Also, you can build up the color as you want. It reminds me more of a glaze finish MAC lipsticks,but slightly more pigmented

Here is what the lipstick looks pike on the bullet. Below are the swatches of the lip products. On the left is MAC Act So Cool and on rhe right is Marc Jacobs “Love Drumk” lip gloss.

That is all for March Favorites! Thank you for reading, and hope to see you on my next post. Enjoy your weekend!


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