April Favorites

Hello guys! I’m here to share my favorites for the month of April.

 Ole Hemriksen Truth Serum, $48

I brought this serum during the Sepgora VIB sale to help brighteny skin and improve my skin’s overall complexion. This is a great, lightweight serum that helps to brighten your skin. It contains Vitamin C, which is an essential ingredient to help lighten up dark spots and any other kind of skin discoloration, and help fight signs of aging.  It smells really nice and it does not linger onto the skin for long, for those who are sensitive to scents or fragrances. I was able to see results within two weeks.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, $10

I have been wanting to try this product for years, but I end up buying something else at the moment. I tried out a sample of it the past few nights and I loved how fast it works on pimples. Tea Tree Oil is helpful is killing bacteria, healing acne and treating dandruff.  Your pimples will be gone within 3-5 days after using this stuff.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Granite, $21

I convinced myself for long that I could find a cheaper brow pencil that helps fill my eyebrows well amd making them look natural. Most pencils I’ve tried were either too gray or the formula fades PFF my brows after a few hours. I brought the Brow Wiz dirbg the Sephora VIB sale, and I fell in love with this product! This pencil does love up to the hype. The pencil is thin enough to mimick youthe natural hairs on your eyebrows without going overboard, and it lasts a while on my brows by the end of the day. I’ll admit that it fades off a little bit because I have oily/combo skin, but my brows still looks full and natural. I found myself using this pencil nonstop for the past two weeks, so now I’m completely hooked on it.
Wet N Wild Skinny Mascara, $4.99
This is a great mascara to help separate your lashes and enhance them, while still making them look natural. Although this is designed specially for the bottom lashes, I had teouvlw using it for my bottom lashes, so I use it fory top lashes and it enhances my lashes without making it obvious that I’m wearing mascara.

That is all fof my April Favorites. Let me know what were other favorites from last month in the comments. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all on the next post!



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