Best Ingredients to Improve Skin’s Overall Appearance

Hello guys!

I want to discuss some of the ingredients that will transform your skin all together! What’s great about these ingredients is that they are multi-purposeful, so you don’t need to biu separate products for one thing. These ingredients tackle multiple skin concerns and give promising results.

1. Vitamin C

Good for: Anti aging, evening skin tone, lightening up discolorations/dark marks/post-acne marks, improve pore size, make skin look radiant

2. Aloe Vera

Good for: fight Pringles, sunburns, lighten dark spots, moisurizing skin

 3. Cocoa Butter

Good for: Deeply moisturizing skin, evening skin tone, make skin look glowly and radiant

4. Tea Tree Oil

Good for: Treating acne, kiiling bactiera, treat dandruff, aromatheraphy

5. Glycolic Acid

Good for: Exfoliating skin, even skin tone, antiaging

6. Retinol

Good for: Treating wrinkles, shrink pores

7. AHA/BHA acids

Good for: exfoliating, removing dead skin, promote new skin cells, shrink pores

I hope this was hrlpgul for you guys. Thanks fr reading, and I’ll see you all on the next post. Take care!


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