July Favorites! Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution Update

Hey everyone, I want To Shae my update on using  The Body Shop Amti-Imperfection Daily Solution.

This pre-serum is pretty good. I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks, and I have seen dome improvements to my skin. This product help improve my skin texture my skin looks more even, smoother, and less oily. This product really help to control my oil, especially on super hot summer days, and I haven’t been as oily as I normally be during the warmer months.

Also, I noticed I has less breakouts since using this product. I don’t think this product will banish future breakouts, but it can surely help reduce their frequencies if you breakout often like me. 

Overall, I still recommend this product for those that have acbe-prone, blemish, oily/combination skin types. If you are struggling with textured skin, this will help smooth out the skin. 

Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts on this product if you have tried it out. See you on the next post!



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